Real Estate Tech Agents Need to Watch

Here in Houston Tx, I had the opportunity to attend the Houston IT Symposium which I would say is a qua tom leap to where IT is emerging. As technology continues to redefine business, geographic regions, and create borderless digital environments, it has become essential for the Houston IT executives to stay aware of global trends in order to integrate strategies into their operations. #HITS from block chain, Big Data, Security IT and Cybersecurity was out many other topics discussed. The speaker’s was Amazing and informative.

There has been a plethora of tech startups emerging from the woodwork over the past couple of years in endless pursuit of streamlining the home buying and selling process.

I get it, you are thinking…. “whats in it for me”? Glad you ask.  I aim (using IT to push Real Estate) to reduce difficulty for buyers and sellers by providing a modern and transparent experience, producing reports which include information on independent inspections, title reports and seller disclosures. I enables sellers to get the best price for their home for two reasons.

Thank you HITS staff and all vendors on site for such excellence. #kwri  #kwrealty #tech #realestate ferdanaknowsrealestate