5 of Houston’s Most Appealing Hidden Gems #realestate #chevre #ovoyoloywregs

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Houston is a wonderland filled with attractions just waiting to be discovered. From secret speakeasies to beloved local parks, this list of favorites from Houston insiders sheds light on some of the city’s best-kept secrets.

1. Memorial Wine Cellar

The wine selection is wonderful here, but it’s the food pairing that will take your experience to the next level. Keep it light with a lovely pâté or take the luxe route with the oak-smoked salmon, which spotlights flaked, farm-raised salmon dappled with dill crème fraiche and fresh chevre.

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2. Opera in the Heights

Get your recommended dose of culture at this professional, non-profit opera house on the quaint Heights Boulevard. The venue provides full view of the orchestra for each production, a rare treat that contributes to a wonderfully intimate setting.

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3. West U Hood Poppers Club

You don’t have to be a dedicated car enthusiast to appreciate the monthly meetup of classic automobiles at Tiny’s #5. This group welcomes anyone in Houston and makes a point to preserve the quintessential ‘Lazy Saturday’ vibes at their gatherings.

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4. The Westmoreland Historic District

Feast your senses on classic architecture by taking a stroll through this idyllic neighborhood. Historic homes built in late Victorian styles stand tall alongside other styles like Italian Renaissance and Colonial Revival.

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5. Tongue-Cut Sparrow

Pass through the tenderly lit threshold of this mezcaleria and head straight to the unmarked door in the back. A winding set of stairs will lead you to your reservation at this sultry space designed solely for Houston’s craft-cocktail community.


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