TIME to BUY is NOW!!



The Time to Buy is NOW! 3 Reasons why…

1) Cost of Renting

You may like the idea of owning a new home, but the thought of moving, a new mortgage, insurance, maintenance and everything else that goes into a house is overwhelming. You might think that it’s cheaper to stay where you are, or even worse rent, than to commit to a house. It’s not in the long run, with the personal freedom, credit and tax benefits, Equity, etc

2) Interest Rates Fluctuate
Sometimes you may hold off on signing a sales agreement because you think you can get a better interest rate, even though rates fluctuate, They are unlikely to drop so significantly that it will greatly change your payments. Further, although there is a chance that rates could drop, there’s also a chance that they’ll go up. Rather than gamble on paying a higher interest rate while hoping to get a lower one, the rate that is available now is the best one.

3) Moving Season
After the half-way point of the year, even more reasons emerge for you to get off the fence. Once August rolls around, sellers tend to take their homes off the market so they won’t have to move their children after the school year starts. They resign themselves to holding onto the home for another nine months to a year and plan on re-listing it in the spring, so you could lose out on the opportunity to purchase a home that you really do want. As the year winds down the holidays are coming and you should close on a deal and get moved before they hit. Also, even in areas of the country that don’t see snow, winter weather can still make for a miserable move. Buy while the weather is still ideal for moving…

Ferdana Johnson

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