Let It Bee, Let It be


Therapeutic Misadventures

“…speaking words of wisdom, let it beeee.

Words of wisdom indeed. I dragged my friend Abby into the hive this past weekend. It is really and truly a coincidence that my last post featured my same bee keeping attire. The fact that Abby showed up in pink too, was serendipitous. In truth, I didn’t have to drag her at all. Though she had the normal trepidation any sane human would exhibit when faced with tens of thousands of insects that sting, she bravely suited up with me and manned the smoker.



This was a total inspection on my original hive including removing the queen excluder from between the top two boxes and trying to find signs of a queen all the way to the bottom. This hive had swarm cells last week and though I removed them, my morning mug of tea with the ladies all week made me think…

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